Pictures have become a major part of your communicating life. Stocking photos means you can see the images in advertisements, magazines, posters, on TV and online as well. Te fact is that the photos were created for some other purpose, but the companies make use of them as stock photographs. Have you ever browsed for […]

With blogs becoming popular day by day, the guest posts within each blog are very important. It not only enhances the popularity of the blog but also leaves a symbol of authenticity about the content and quality of the same. However, one need not always be on the receiving end. Every individual has the opportunity […]

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most popular and powerful platforms for those who are thinking to start a website. It is not just easy to use by offers huge range of attractive themes to select from. So, if you are looking for a unique, straightforward, and simple websites for your different needs then single […]

To gain loyal audience for your wordpress blog, it is very important to reduce the bounce rates. Not only you lose a visitor but it also effect your search engine rankings. In our last post we gave you few tips for increasing page views and reducing bounce rates of your blog. In this post we […]

Many bloggers face the problem of visitor retention on their wordpress websites, visitors come and leave after viewing just one page. In statistics majority of visitors spend less than 30 seconds on the blog, this not only reduces the ad revenue of the blog but also prevent you from having a loyal audience. Now if […]

Sometimes it is better to split a long wordpress post into multiple pages for easier reading. Whenever you write a lengthy post, it is possible for a visitor to become overwhelm by the size of content and leave your site. Thus by splitting the post into easy to read sections  you get multiple page views […]

Just like Window’s blue screen of death, WordPress has its own White Screen of Death (WSoD). If you have been using wordpress for some time, you may have already experienced it, for e.g. error establishing a database connection, headers already sent etc. These issues can give you headaches and make difficult for you to fix […]

Have you ever wanted to save wordpress user data to csv and read it in excel? Well one method of doing that would be to export users table in phpMyAdmin in csv format. But that would take a long time and if you beginner in control panel stuff it would also be a difficult one. […]

OVFile one of the few video host who were paying their affiliates have decided to close their affiliate program on 5 February, 2012. The news was updated on their website on Feb 3.  They have written that the rewards program will be shut down permanently and in the next week they will process all the […]

There are very few good file hosts left after FBI took down megaupload, most of the file sharing companies such as fileserve, filesonic, uploadstation, filejungle etc. Shut down their affiliate programs and did not paid their uploaders a cent. These past few weeks have literally changed the way file sharing works, thousands of forums are […]