File Sharing Hosts That Still Have their affiliate program

There are very few good file hosts left after FBI took down megaupload, most of the file sharing companies such as fileserve, filesonic, uploadstation, filejungle etc. Shut down their affiliate programs and did not paid their uploaders a cent. These past few weeks have literally changed the way file sharing works, thousands of forums are filled with dead links from these useless file hosters.

However there are a few who are still standing strong and paying out their affliates. Many of them are russian hosts but some are from europe as well.

Alternatives to Fileserve / Filesonic / Wupload / Uploadstation / FileJungle

1. TurboBit

Turbobit pays upto $20/1000 downloads. They pay for all countries, they count files which are greater than 0.5 mb. They pay via paypal and webmoney. If you choose webmoney you are paid three timesĀ  a week and for paypal the payout happens once every 15 days. The minimum payout is $10.

2. ShareFlare

Shareflare pays upto $33/1000 downloads or 60 % every sale (PPS). They pay for all countries except USA. They pay via Paypal and Webmoney. The minimum payment amount for webmoney is $2 and for paypal $15. Paypal payment are done weekly but for webmoney the transfer time is 2 days.

3. BitShare

Bitshare pays upto $45/1000 downloads according to their rank system. All countries are included for counting the downloads. Minimum payout request is set at $20. Payment can be requested via Alertpay, Paypal and Webmoney. Payouts are done weekly.

4. DepositFiles

Depositfiles pays upto $25/1000 downloads and it counts all countries except USA. Minimum payout required is $10 and is done two times in a week. They pay via paypal or webmoney.

5. 1oupload

10upload pays upto $35/1000 downloads. They seem to count every country except USA. Minimum payout required is $10 and they pay every week via Paypal, Alertpay, cashu. For big uploaders they also offer Western Union and Wire Transfer facilities.

I hope the above file hosts as alternatives to fileserve and filesonic serves you well. We have also created a list of Video Hosts that are still having their affiliate programs.

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