10+ Awesome Content Sharing WordPress Themes

Nowadays many people are looking for best content sharing wordpress theme for their viral website such buzzfeed, viralnova, 9gag etc. All of these website have great content which users would like to share, but they are also designed to make the sharing easier for their users. Perfect placements of sharing buttons and easy access to the social networks have resulted in explosion of traffic for these websites. WordPress being the ultimate blogging platform though being easy to setup is not optimized for such a website. This is where the following social sharing themes come in handy.

These themes allows you to have the social media icons, various other features that content sharing websites have like Reddit, vine & of course the usual combo facebook, twitter and g+.  As it is said, you may have the best wine in the world but it will not taste any good in cheap crockery. Same is with the content, Let your awesome content to be shared socially for free via your users, enable them to do so by choosing a perfect theme.

Some Best Content Sharing WordPress Themes

1. Fast Forward

fast forward

Price: $43 | Demo/Purchase: Click Here

Fast Forward is amazingly fast loading theme, with some awesome effects and animations and being completely powered by AJAX, this theme is certainly a grabber in this category. To top the positvies in its corner it also has a bult in voting system and real time frontend customizer. You can also choose between various header types and listing view types in the theme option panel.

2. Aruna

aruna theme

Price: $48 | Demo/Purchase: Click Here

Aruna is the gag theme from Themeforest. This theme has the Bookmark system so you can bookmark the page and the contents you liked. This theme is built on the Ajax and it is cross browser compatible.

3. Cube

cubewordpress theme

Price: $48 | Demo/Purchase: Click Here

Cube is the flexible and powerful theme for WordPress from Themeforest. This theme has the powerful admin feature where you can post the contents and even multimedia message without logging into the admin panel. This theme has the Masonry Home page, clean design, front end submission form, and more.

4. Me Gusta!

me gusto user driven

Price: $58 | Demo/Purchase: Click Here

Me Gusta! Is the gorgeous looking theme from Themeforest. This theme allows the users to post the images, metro type posts, audio thumbnails, and more. You will get various sidebars, widgets, and the Facebook login icons.

5. Serpent


Price: $48 | Demo/Purchase: Click Here

At first glance, serpent does looks great but fails to impress. But when you take a complete look at it, you are amazed by its simplicity and complexity at once. It’s a perfect blend of both, its simply complex. Kidding aside, this theme empowers your normal wordpress to turn into perfect social sharing system. Your featured posts will be based on voting, users can use keyboard to navigate suchas like or dislike. You can also integrate facebook commenting features and also comes with 100+ shortcodes to make your site look different.

6. I Love It!

i love it theme

Price: $48 | Demo/Purchase: Click Here

I Love It! Is the another theme that is designed for the freelancers and the other creatives those who desires to have the social sharing of their content at their site. Also, it has the Ajax contact form that pops out for the Email newsletter sign up.

7. Harpoon

harpoon wordpress

Price: $48 | Demo/Purchase: Click Here

Harpoon theme comes with 3 header types and 6 menu styles. Cosmothemes have been designing some awesome sharing themes lately. This theme and fastforward and serpent are their creations. Like serpent it also support featured posts by voting and keyboard navigation facebook commenting etc.

8. FacePress


Price: $48 | Demo/Purchase: Click Here

FacePress is the community powered theme which allows the users to share the content. This theme has the Timeline page and the rich Author page. Also, you will have various post types, shortcodes, front end submission form, and many more.

9. PressGrid


Price: $43 | Demo/Purchase: Click Here

PressGrid is the front end theme for WordPress to share the content in the major 5 post formats like Youtube, Vimeo, and Twitter. Also, this theme is SEO optimized and the social media icons integrated into it.

10. Socially Viral

socially viral wordpress theme

Price: $45 | Demo/Purchase: Click Here

Socially Viral by mythemeshop is gorgeous theme designed to increase the social shares. Strategically placed social buttons and perfect blend of light and eye pleasing colors makes your visitors at ease. This themes comes with various features such as popular posts based on no. of views, fast loading, compatiablity with mega menu, review system plugin, special loading effects etc. Though this theme does not have frontend login for visitors, I think it is worth mentioning in this list.

Choose the right theme for your project

Above are some of the best wordpress themes I could find, however it could become difficult to choose the right one for your next project. You might like all of them. But to make the decision of choosing the right social sharing theme I would suggest that you first list the features you would like your website to have and then check the themes if they match the features you want.

These themes are responsive themes which means you can your content will be easily visible and shareable on all devices. Content sharing websites can quickly become popular and generate good revenue in less time.  With these thoughts  I conclude this post, I hope this will help some of you in choosing the right theme for your next project.

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