How to View / Unblock File Sharing Sites Blocked by Dot (Department of Telecom)

unblock file sharing sites banned by dot

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As mentioned in my previous post, Department of Telecom (DOT) have blocked many file-sharing websites for India. After reading through on many blogs and forums, I have found out that MTNL, BSNL broadband people are mostly untouched by these changes as they have not been done by their ISP (as usual slow govt. work, but good for users).  It seems that DOT has issued Internet service providers like Reliance, Tata, Airtel etc instructions to block a list of sites and reliance, airtel have been first ones to block the sites (they are saving bandwidth and lots of money).  Other ISPs have blocked some sites while others are still accessible.

How to unlock or open sites blocked by Department of Telecom (DOT)

There are two kinds of filtering done by different ISPs till now

1. Filtering at DNS level

2. Filtering by domain name

Solution to filtering at DNS level

If your ISP have done filtering at DNS level, you can easily by pass it by using different DNS provider. There are two main dns providers popular and available to Indians and most other countries.

1. Google DNS

Google DNS will not only help you browse web faster, but it will also reduce the load on your ISP, so its a win win situation most of the times. If you are new to Google DNS, don’t worry google has provided in depth guide to help you out.

For those who are experienced in changing DNS servers themselves, they are and

2. Open DNS

Open DNS is one of the oldest free DNS provider, they claim that they help protect you from malware and viruses through their advanced dns technology. Here is a good tutorial on how you can use them

For those who know how to change the configurations, they are and

However, if changing the DNS does not solve your problem then look below to find something that works.

Solutions to filtering via Domain Names

1. Opera Turbo

I just got to know about opera turbo while surfing the web for an elegant solution to our problem. I tried and tested it myself and it works! (at least at the time of writing this post). So what you will have to do.

Simple just download new opera browser and use turbo addon to browse any site you want. How opera does this magic, know more and download via link below

2. Ultrasurf Browser

Initially developed to help chinese people combat internet cesnsorship, this has become one of the most loved solution to access blocked sites around the world, get more information and download it at the link below

3. Good old Proxy

Proxy sites are still one of the best ways to access any file sharing sites that have been blocked by department of telecom (DOT). However if you are not familiar with proxy sites, try any of the solution given above or below.

4. Use IP address of the website

Most of the websites have dedicated ip address, and for file-sharing websites, this is also true. So you can access your favorite sites directly as our ISPs have not banned ip address of these websites, just the domains have been banned. (Because some ip address just redirect to domain name, and some use shared hosting so it will not work for some websites)

You can check for any blocked website ip address at

I have done some work for you and collected the ip-addresses of some websites. However some of these sites may change their ip address so do use website to check for the latest if the following does not work

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I have tried to provide the best information that I have learned from the comments of previous post and from other blogs and forums. I hope it helps you to unblock the file sharing services in India and access them easily, Please do share your views and comments on the topic.


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