Splitting WordPress Post into Multiple Pages – Pagination

Sometimes it is better to split a long wordpress post into multiple pages for easier reading. Whenever you write a lengthy post, it is possible for a visitor to become overwhelm by the size of content and leave your site. Thus by splitting the post into easy to read sections  you get multiple page views from a single post and also increase the time a visitor spends on your blog.

So how do you divide wordpress posts in multiple pages?

Step 1. Modifying the theme

Make sure your single.php have the following code in it? Some of the themes will already be having this code and if it is not already there, insert it.

<?php wp_link_pages(); ?>
Step 2. Insert the following code from where you would like to start the next page in your new post

Problem of using NextPage

You will need to change into html editor to enter the NextPage html tag in your post. This is not the case with ReadMore tag which is avaible as a button in the visual editor.
The Solution: You can use this wordpress plugin by Shawn Parker to add a nextpage button in the visual editor.

Styling the NextPage display

So you do not like how the pagination gets displayed, this resource on wordpress codex will help you to get the best guidance for the better display.
Let’s test the NextPage tag, click on the page no. 2

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