Top 10 Free and Affordable Stock Photos Websites

Pictures have become a major part of your communicating life. Stocking photos means you can see the images in advertisements, magazines, posters, on TV and online as well. Te fact is that the photos were created for some other purpose, but the companies make use of them as stock photographs.

Have you ever browsed for stock photos websites? If yes, then you must know about the high budget required for these sites. It is pretty difficult for a typical designer to afford such a high price to stock photographs. This article will provide you useful information about the free and low priced websites allowing stocking of photos. Let us have a look at some free as well as affordable top stock photo websites.

free stock photos

 1. Freerange Stock

This is a completely free community to stock photo. This website welcomes novice and talented photographers to display their talent. Become a member and browse the website, you can as well download the images if you like. In addition, you can showcase your pictures too and share some part of advertisement revenue. Register for a free account, you can even learn photography and some tips from the tutorial section. If you are unable to fetch any information, you can email the support team for further help.

2. Stock.xchng

This is another free website. It comprises of 350,000+ pictures from 30,000 photographers. The disadvantage of this website is that it is so popular that many people use it hence there is very low probability of original pictures. This website is sponsored by iStockphoto which is a popular paid website for stocking pictures.

3. Morguefile

If you are searching for a user friendly website, then this would be the perfect choice. There are over 20,000 pictures over here, you can browse them and download the ones you like. Further, you can even participate in the community forums at free of cost. You need to register into the site for uploading and taking benefits from it.

4. Free Digital Photos

The aim of this website is offering stock photography for personal as well as commercial use. You can get interesting collections from this website absolutely for free. A group of professional photographers provide you pictures over here. They upload the photos and edit them by sharpening and coloring the images. If you need high quality pictures in any quantity, go for this website anytime.

5. Bigstock

Bigstock is an affordable site where you can find about 5 million images. You can register in Bigstock for free of cost, and buy credits to purchase the images. This is a user friendly website where everything can be managed easily. You can even upload you own pictures and get about 50 cents for each. This picture of yours shall go for downloading for 3 dollars. Interesting, yet an affordable stock photos way!

6. Pixel perfect digital

The name itself tells you that the pictures here are perfect and of high quality. You can find 7000+ images at this website. Though the pictures are less in number, they are of best quality. Browse them and download the professional pictures. You can upload your talent at this website too!

7. Dreamstime

This websites lets you to download free pictures and paid pictures. You are required to register yourself in order to download or buy the images from a collection of 9 million pictures. The registration is for free, and you can buy the images at 20 cents. This is a nonprofit website and you can provide images from donation as well.

8. Flickr

This is one of the largest photo sharing website known to everyone. You can find numerous images here including amateur pictures as well as professional photos. Recently, Yahoo! purchased this website and manages it well with much number of members. It is an interesting website where you can tag the pictures too.


You need not register here, and can browse about 18000 polished quality pictures. It has an appealing design with a user friendly library where you can browse the pictures without spending many efforts. Just download the pictures and get help from the tutorials to get informative stuff. You can even find some extraordinary features here like photo commenting, emailing options and organizational lightboxes.

10. iClipart

This website is among the top stock photo websites that offers a large collection of clip art with numerous pictures. The stock photo subscription plan here is also flexible that ranges from weekly plan to yearly plan. The weekly plan starts from $12.95 and the yearly plan starts from $49.95. You can find around 7.8 million pictures in the library from where you can download any image individually. Visit the website, check out some other stock photo subscription plans and choose the one that suits you well. You can even compare the rates and select according to your requirements.

Above are the 10 best free and affordable stock photo websites we could find, let us know which one you use and why.

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