Top 6 WordPress Plugins to Reduce Your Bounce Rates

To gain loyal audience for your wordpress blog, it is very important to reduce the bounce rates. Not only you lose a visitor but it also effect your search engine rankings. In our last post we gave you few tips for increasing page views and reducing bounce rates of your blog. In this post we will list the plugins which will help you in reducing your bounce rates instantly.

Related Post Plugins

  • 1. nrelate Related Content

Wordpress Plugins to Reduce Bounce Rates

Without doubts the best related posts plugin ever. Their latest technology continuously analyzes your blog, and display relevant related content. You can choose to automatically add it before or after the post, use the widget or use a shortcode with the post. For further customization and for more tech savvy people their is also an option to use function in the theme files.

  • 2. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

With over 2 million downloads YARPP plugin is one of the best related post plugin. With its support for thumbnails, custom post types, caching, related posts in feeds, advanced algorithm, it is plugin which just keeps getting better than the rest.

  • 3. LinkWithin Plugin

Linkwithin also helps in displaying related posts with thumbnails via widget.

Posts Interlinking Plugins

  • 4. SEO Internal Links

SEO Internal links helps in automatic interlinking of the posts and also provide seo benefits to your blog. It can automatically link keywords or phrases in your posts or comments with corresponding posts, tags, categories or pages. It works flawlessly with cache plugins and comes with a simple admin panel. You can also specify custom keywords.

SEO Interliking and SEO Smart Links also does the same thing.

  • 5. WP Internal Links Lite

WP Internal Links Lite helps in creating google friendly internal links structures. It allows you to create various linking structures such as hub, ring, web & star. It allows you to have custom introductory text, penguin safe linking strategy and easy placements of links without editing the theme files.

Excerpts Plugin

  • 6. Auto Excerpts Plugin

Auto Excerpts Plugin helps in automatically displaying just the excerpt of the post on homepage, archives and search results. It saves us the trouble from modifying the theme files. If you do not have any custom excerpt in the post, it will automatically generate one. You can also define excerpt length, custom read more link and attach a thumbnail.

Other Helpful Plugin Lists

  • Social Media Plugins

Social Media Plugins also helps in engaging your visitors and keep in touch with you on social networks. Click here for best social media plugins for your blog.

  • Cache and Loading Speed Up Plugins

If a site takes ages to load, user would not like to stay on that website. It is better to reduce the loading time, cache plugins helps you to do that. Click here for best cache plugin you can use on your blog.

  • Comments Plugins

Comments also helps in getting user more engaged on your websites. Click here for the list of best comments plugins for wordpress.

We hope the above plugins helps you in reducing your bounce rates, which ones have you decided to use? let us know!


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